To empower and embolden young single mothers to improve their lives, their families, and their communities through healing, encouragement, faith and education.

Revive Kids Campaign

After 2 years of social distancing, we’re excited to relaunch our in-person weekly Thursday Revive nights this coming September! Revive nights are a time for young mothers ages 12 to 24 to come together in support groups, learn life skills, articulate their goals, and have fun. We provide transportation, a hot meal, as well as safe and fun children’s programming every single Thursday night.

In addition to our Thursday night offerings, our 2nd Step Into Freedom Financial Literacy course launches September 20th! With the return of our in-person programming and the addition of new programming, we have double the opportunity for you to partner with us to serve our children’s program.

Sponsor a child and partner with us to provide safe quality programming during times their mommys are receiving support!

I Just Want to Be a Great Mom

Founded in 1995, we are a holistic program working to empower young single moms ages 12 to 24.    Our moms come from every walk of life and they all want the same thing: for themselves and their children to be safe, to be heard, seen, and valued,  and to be great moms.

We offer support, mentoring, goal-setting, crisis intervention, and we walk alongside our young single moms and their kids as they succeed.


What Our Moms & Volunteers Say

B. – a Step by Step mom

Step by Step empowered me by showing me that I am not alone that I can make friends and succeed in life that the skyis the limit and I can do whatever I set my mind on to do.

a Step by Step support group leader

I came to SBS unsure of what to expect and now I’m seeing the difference SBS makes in the lives of these young women and their children.

G. – a Step by Step mom

SBS is a great place to find a family of sisters who support your every move, give you great advice, look out for you, and help you get connected. It helps you get back to finding faith when it was lost and helps you move towards the goals you have set in life all surrounding you with loving and caring people who won't give up on you.

a Step by Step mentor

Once I met my mentee, some of the fears melted away when I realized the goal was simple--all I have to do is love her. These young moms... want to be truly seen and truly heard--they want to be known. All the pieces just sort of began to fit as we settled into our relationship. Although  we came from vastly different backgrounds, we found we had several things in common, and it was so neat for us to discover that together. For us both to realize that our circumstances don't define us, and that we can do life together...even if our lives are very different.

M. – a Step by Step mom

Since being with SBS, I have gotten my own apartment, an internship with Community Inspired Solutions, I am taking my GED classes, I got a raise at work, I am more attached to my daughter.  I am learning to budget my money. And, I have healthier relationships.

a Step by Step mentor

Once I met my mentee, some of the fears melted away when I realized the goal was simple--all I have to do is love her. These young moms are thirsty for someone to care about them. They want to be truly seen and truly heard--they want to be known.

K. – a Step by Step mom

I love that SBS was there for me when I was too afraid to turn to anyone else and helped me find the strength I needed to stand up for myself. Every meeting, I look forward to all of the love, support, and guidance I receive. They showed me overwhelming support after my daughter was born at 30 weeks - it's as if having a second family to lean on.

a Step by Step mentor

The thought you struggle with most as a mentor is, "I'm not good enough." Overcoming that feeling of not being worthy to come alongside someone and be a positive, Godly influence is certainly tough...but there is an incredible support system at Step By Step. They do a great job of empowering and encouraging volunteers.

a Step by Step mom

It means a lot.  They honor me and my accomplishments.  During rough times I had someone to talk to and people to call...even when I was crying.  I have more confidence in myself. I am making better choices in my life than I did before.  Even though I do worry, I pray a lot more than I used to. I have a relationship with Jesus now.  I feel great about my future.