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Are you 12-24 and pregnant or a single mom?

Step By Step is for you!

At Step By Step, you will meet other young moms with the same questions, worries and stresses as you. You will find support to reach your goals, people who get what you’re going through, and a loving environment, judgment free.  When you come to Step by Step, you’re a part of a family of sisters.

Step By Step is a completely free and voluntary program. We don't want anything from you! We want to welcome you into our community and give you a place to belong and be known. Our program is divided into 3 steps, each step adding an element. Over the course of your time at Step By Step, you’ll participate in three main components:

Ground Floor: Level Up Series

Any single mom age 24 or younger can participate in our Level Up Series, different workshops that take place on a semester rotation.

Upcoming Level Up Series:

  • Restore Group (Launch Spring 2024)
    • A support group for moms active in the foster care system, including guest speakers with experience in the foster care system. Refer to the events page for dates, and text "Level Up" to (855) 976-1041 for more information and to sign up.
  • Fall 2023: Step Into Freedom
    • A financial literacy course focused on breaking cycles and building healthy money habits. After you complete the course, open an Individual Development Account, save for a savings goal of your choice, and receive matching funds (Free money!!).
Step 1: Revive

Every Thursday night from Sept-April we gather to eat a meal together, learn useful skills that translate to success in everyday life, and build one another up.  We break up into smaller support groups to openly share and encourage each other in a safe place.

Revive Kids: While you’re getting time for yourself you can know your child will be well loved.  As a Revive Kid your child will earn awards for participating in games, Bible lessons, and more!

Step 2: Dare to Dream Case Management

We know you have big dreams and goals for your life, we want to help you reach them.  After actively participating in Revive for a year, you’ll meet one on one with a staff member to outline steps for a plan to reach your goals and change your life through our Dare to Dream.  We’ll also connect you with community partners with resource referrals to help you overcome any barriers that might get in the way.

Step 3: Refine Mentoring

What’s a mentor? She’s a supportive, caring person who wants to spend time with you and get to know you.  After actively participating in both Revive and Dare to Dream for a year, we will pair you with a mentor. She will meet with you once a week, encourage you, help you with your goals, and be a friend. Think of her like a cool auntie.  Over the course of your time together you’ll get to know one another, be able to share with her, and build a consistent relationship.

Echo & Resound Leadership

After working hard on your goal and improving your life through each program step, it’s time for you to share what you’ve learned with other moms!  Through our leadership program you’ll participate in resume building training including public speaking, facilitating groups, discipleship, and more.  

And that's not all! As you actively participate with us, we’re also available for...
  • Crisis Intervention
    From domestic violence situations to early hospital deliveries, we’ve walked with our moms through some of the hardest times.  When an emergency strikes you don’t have to be alone. Call us and we’re there to walk through the crisis with you.
  • Prayer and Discipleship
    Sometimes life feels overwhelming.  We’re always available to pray and walk with you as you seek answers to some of life's hard questions.
SBS Program 3 Yr Infographic


Some of these services are only available via referral. If you need a referral for one of these services, please contact Step By Step.

*We share these resources without being affiliated with any of these organizations.  In the event of an emergency, dial 9-1-1*

Resources Near You
Parenting Classes
  • God’s Pantry (859) 255-6592
  • GleanKY 859-444-4769
  • Embrace Church 859.309.3862
Resources For Babies
Substance Abuse

Revive Creed

I belong here.

I am here for a purpose.  My presence matters.

I am fully accepted as I am, and on my way to becoming my best self.

I do not have to perform or pretend to be something I am not.

I am not my past mistakes.  I am not my diagnosis. I am not what others have said about me.

My past does not dictate my future behavior.  In this space I can be made new.

I am not what happened to me.  I don’t have to be powerless, weak, or afraid.

I am valued, adopted into this family of sisters.

I am not in competition with other single moms here.

I will fight for my sister and not against her.

I am not invisible here.  I am seen and I can be my true self.

My gifts and talents are welcome and will be supported in this space.

People have hurt me, abandoned me, misunderstood me, and counted me out.  I am NOT the version of me they have created. I am possibility itself.

Being a mother is not my only identity.  I have hopes, dreams, aspirations and goals beyond my current circumstances.

I will inspire my children to reach their dreams as they watch me reach mine.

I am fearfully and wonderfully made for greatness.



We choose to gather as sisters.

We are not the stereotypes the world believes.  In this space we are worthy. We are seen.

When we leave this place, we will be changed.  We do not have to fall back into destructive patterns and routines.

In this space, my freedom is tied to the freedom of my sisters.

Together we become free.

We are not damaged goods, we are a powerful source of support for one another.

We do not invite or cause drama.  We lift our sisters up.

We sharpen one another, as iron sharpens iron.

We are REVIVE.

What Our Moms & Volunteers Say

a Step by Step support group leader

I came to SBS unsure of what to expect and now I’m seeing the difference SBS makes in the lives of these young women and their children.

a Step by Step mentor

Once I met my mentee, some of the fears melted away when I realized the goal was simple--all I have to do is love her. These young moms... want to be truly seen and truly heard--they want to be known. All the pieces just sort of began to fit as we settled into our relationship. Although  we came from vastly different backgrounds, we found we had several things in common, and it was so neat for us to discover that together. For us both to realize that our circumstances don't define us, and that we can do life together...even if our lives are very different.

a Step by Step mentor

Once I met my mentee, some of the fears melted away when I realized the goal was simple--all I have to do is love her. These young moms are thirsty for someone to care about them. They want to be truly seen and truly heard--they want to be known.

a Step by Step mentor

The thought you struggle with most as a mentor is, "I'm not good enough." Overcoming that feeling of not being worthy to come alongside someone and be a positive, Godly influence is certainly tough...but there is an incredible support system at Step By Step. They do a great job of empowering and encouraging volunteers.

a Step by Step mom

It means a lot.  They honor me and my accomplishments.  During rough times I had someone to talk to and people to call...even when I was crying.  I have more confidence in myself. I am making better choices in my life than I did before.  Even though I do worry, I pray a lot more than I used to. I have a relationship with Jesus now.  I feel great about my future.

B. – a Step by Step mom

Step by Step empowered me by showing me that I am not alone that I can make friends and succeed in life that the skyis the limit and I can do whatever I set my mind on to do.

G. – a Step by Step mom

SBS is a great place to find a family of sisters who support your every move, give you great advice, look out for you, and help you get connected. It helps you get back to finding faith when it was lost and helps you move towards the goals you have set in life all surrounding you with loving and caring people who won't give up on you.

M. – a Step by Step mom

Since being with SBS, I have gotten my own apartment, an internship with Community Inspired Solutions, I am taking my GED classes, I got a raise at work, I am more attached to my daughter.  I am learning to budget my money. And, I have healthier relationships.

K. – a Step by Step mom

I love that SBS was there for me when I was too afraid to turn to anyone else and helped me find the strength I needed to stand up for myself. Every meeting, I look forward to all of the love, support, and guidance I receive. They showed me overwhelming support after my daughter was born at 30 weeks - it's as if having a second family to lean on.