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The December 26th Project: Beyond Christmas

We all love to see faces of excited children opening Christmas gifts on December 25th. It brings us all a sense of joy and community. This year, at Step By Step, we're focusing on December 26th, after a family has experienced the generosity of the holidays yet their daily challenges still remain.

Join the December 26th Project to continue supporting these families in our community Beyond Christmas. For $150, you can sponsor a Step By Step family, providing a full year of programming at Step By Step and fun Christmas treats during our Christmas event for our moms and kids.

To get started, place a donation of $150 to sponsor a Step By Step mom and her kids. Then, you'll receive an ornament in the mail in the coming week, with a SBS mom's name, age, and kids. Hang your ornament on your tree, and every time you see it, remember that SBS family and pray for them.

Thank you for valuing these families beyond Christmas!

What if my family, my friends, or my small group want to a sponsor a SBS Mom together?

You absolutely can! You can collect the $150 donation from your group, then place one $150 donation online through the portal here.

What exactly does my $150 sponsorship cover?
  • A full year of programming for a young single mom at Step By Step, including:
    • Community building and fun at our weekly Revive nights
    • Life skills building at workshops
    • Goal-setting through our Dare to Dream program
    • Ongoing case management and support from SBS staff
    • One-on-one mentoring through our Refine mentoring program
    • Removing barriers such as transportation, childcare, and meals
  • Christmas gift bags for SBS moms and Christmas treat bags for their kids
Is SBS still doing the Christmas Store?

In years past, Step By Step has hosted our annual Christmas Store, where SBS moms could shop for brand new toys for their kids for Christmas. The Christmas Store filled a gap in our community. We are grateful to say that gap no longer exists due to the incredible partners we have in Lexington that have filled it in. This year, rather than host our own Christmas Store and duplicating services, we will be connecting our moms with our partner organizations to ensure they get the support they need to provide a great Christmas for their kids.

Thank you to our sponsors on this project!