Send a Step by Step Mother's Day Card

to a special woman in your life!

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"The love of a mother looks like hope, grace, love, and sacrifice".
At Step By Step, our young single moms between the ages of 12 and 24 are our resilient, talented, and brilliant heroes.
This Mother's Day, support them by honoring the mother in your life with our custom made Mother's Day cards.
How it works:
SBS Mother's Day cards are available for $15 each, $25 for two cards. Pay through the link below (postage is included in the fee)and send us up to 300 characters that you would like us to write in the card on your behalf. We will mail it for you (in the continental U.S.).  Proceeds go to helping us reach more moms and kids with hope, love, and encouragement.
Card Options:
We have two card options both featuring the same cover art.
Option 1:  A Mother's Day option for the woman in your life who has been in that roll for you.
This option can be addressed to your grandmother, foster mother, a birth mother, step-mother, neighbor, or any person in your life who has nurtured, loved, protected, and influenced you.
Option 2:  We have a memorial option where you may purchase a card in loving memory of someone's mother who has passed away.  Mother's Day can be particularly difficult for those who have experienced a great loss. This is an opportunity to show gratitude for the memory of that mother.
Deadline to order is Wednesday, May 8.
Thank you for supporting this work.