Step By Step Services to Young Single Mothers & Children


The road a young single mother must travel is a difficult one. Step By Step is here to help her reach her goals in spite of the obstacles she faces. Step By Step will always meet her with love and understanding instead of disapproval and judgment. We will help support and guide her. Programs offered at Step By Step will give her the skills and confidence she needs, opening the door to a promising future for herself and her family. Step By Step will be a place where she will find hope!


  • Mentoring
  • Support groups
  • Workshops on parenting, life skills, budgeting, communication, relationships, nutrition, goal setting…
  • Large group meetings with fun activities and a warm meal for moms and their children
  • “Dare To Dream” goal setting sessions
  • Bible Studies and Discipleship
  • Weekend retreat focused on emotional healing and spiritual growth
  • Resource Referrals
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Children’s Program for the Kids which includes Bible teaching and character development
  • Transportation to large group meetings
  • Mama’s Hideout where they can come throughout the week to find support, prayer and guidance
  • Advocacy