Donate to our Annual Housewarming Party

At Step By Step, our young single moms ages 12 to 24 work hard to earn items for their home through our incentive program.  Through participation in our program, moms can qualify to "shop" for items they need during our Housewarming Party.  Qualifying moms will be able to shop for $150 worth of brand new items for their homes.

This year, we are asking that you sign up to purchase SPECIFIC ITEMS. We have put together a registry with all of the items we are looking for and how many we need of each. An example item has been linked, but you do not have to purchase that exact item. A comparable item is acceptable. Please note that some items are item groups or sets. Look at the item details for further instructions on purchasing those items.

Donation Deadline: April 22nd

All donations should be dropped off at the door of the Step By Step office or shipped directly to the Step By Step office. 

Address: 3320 Tates Creek Road Suite 200, Lexington, KY 40502

In-Kind Contribution Form HERE