Step By Step is a mentoring ministry for at risk young single mothers ages 14 to 24. These young women have a tough job ahead of them. Most feel overwhelmed and frightened because they are alone. Raising children is a huge challenge, even for two committed parents with resources. It can be even more difficult for very young moms as they also have to face the eyes of disapproval and judgment everywhere they go. Before they have even begun, they have been labeled “failures”. God has called all of us to make a difference, to show them that they don’t have to fail!

These young women need guidance, encouragement, education and hope. At SBS they find necessary skills, mentoring, and love while learning that they have both the ability and responsibility to offer themselves and their children a promising future.


Along the way they also learn of God’s great love and grace. We have seen countless lives transform as the love of Jesus permeates their weary hearts. Lives are changed as they find emotional healing, acceptance and restoration.


The impact of that restoration is felt not only in the mom’s life, but also in the changed trajectory of her child’s life. As dysfunctional generational cycles are transformed into healthy ones, the impact on the community as a whole is profound and exponential!


With faith and confidence restored, SBS helps young single moms achieve their dreams, become healthy mothers, find financial stability, and form a solid spiritual foundation

Step By Step is a place where young single mothers are empowered to succeed!